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Happy Dogs mission is to help people better understand and communicate with their dogs. We value building relationships and we are just as passionate about teaching our 2-legged students as we are about the dogs. We strive to create a positive and fun training experience for everyone!

Happy Dogs training uses a force-free approach that focuses on reward-based methods and NEVER includes the use of Shock collars.

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About Me

Happy Dogs founder and head trainer, Piper Novick, is an ABCDT Animal Behavior College Certified Trainer. Her “train happy” philosophy has helped owners understand and communicate with their dogs for 10+ years!


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Happy Dogs started as a dream for Piper in 2012 when she started learning about the dog training business through an apprenticeship with another trainer. Soon after she began working with her own clients and built a reputation under the business name “Piper Novick Dog training”

Piper continued to develop the business while pursuing her education goals and gaining experience through various jobs in the dog industry, including pet-sitting, boarding and other training facilities. In 2019 the business name was officially changed to Happy Dogs, a name that honors Piper's first dog Happy, and represents her philosophy that training should be a Happy experience for the dogs and the people.

What we do


Professional and postive basic obedience trainer for dogs and their owners.


Behavior modification with force-free training methods and compassion.


Private and group Agility training with experienced handlers and instructors.

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