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Need a dog walker? The Happy Dogs team has you covered. Our professional team is here to help increase exercise and mental stimulation for your dog. Specializing in walking dogs with behavioral problems such as reactivity, aggression, shy and fearful dogs. Our team is trained to keep up your dogs training, meet their needs, and keep them safe.

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Happy Walks
Need a dog walker? The Happy Dogs team has you covered.
happy walks

Dog walking programs

Dog walking that puts your dog first

Our Happy Walks aren't your average dog walk, our trained team focuses their individual attention on your dog's needs so that your dog is mentally and physically satisfied. We offer both neighborhood walks, for a short stroll and long decompression walks in nature parks. Your dog will get to sniff, explore during their walk and our team is always careful to keep up with your leash training too. Because our team is professionally trained we can safely get your dog out on a walk even if they are struggling with a behavioral problem and those dogs who have special needs to be met.
Neighborhood walks$25.00

30-minute walk through your neighborhood. These walks are short and sweet, focused more on leash manners and walking in a suburban area these walks are best suited for puppies, young dogs learning leash training and well mannered adults who need a little extra movement.
Decompression walks$50.00

60-minute walk in a nearby park or natural space. Decompression walks are always done on a long leash and allow the dog more freedom to run, sniff and explore. Best suited for high-energy dogs, dogs with behavioral issues, and nervous, shy or fearful dogs.

Where we offer this service

Happy Dogs services the Northeast side of Charlotte, North Carolina. This includes the Lake Norman area zipcodes in Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville and the Concord area including zipcodes in Concord, North Charlotte, Harrisburg and Kannapolis. 

Happy Walk packages

Happy Dogs offers package programs with monthly billing to continue your Happy walks on a regular basis.

Once weekly neighborhood walk$95.00 / Month
30-minute neighborhood walk 1 x per week
Twice weekly neighborhood walks$160.00 / month
30-minute neighborhood walks 2 x per week
Three weekly neighborhood walks$240.00 / month
30-minute neighborhood walks 3 x per week
Once weekly decompression walks$180.00 / Month
60-minute decompression walk 1 x per week
Twice weekly decompression walks$320.00 / Month
60-minute decompression walks 2 x per week
Three weekly decompression walks$400.00 / Month
60-minute decompression walks 3 x per week