Prepping Your Pandemic Pup for Your Return to Work

While the pandemic sent our lives into a tailspin, your pup likely reaped the benefits of quarantine. Mom or dad home all day, what could be better? More belly rubs, walks and cuddles on the couch than ever before. It’s been a year long howliday for your happy dog!

But, as we approach post-pandemic times your dog will need help transitioning to you going back to the office for your nine to five. Here are our top tips to help your dog have a successful and stress-free transition back to your “normal” work schedule.


Create a Routine.

Your dog’s new found freedom during quarantine is about to come to an end. Suddenly going from loose all day to crated or alone for 8 hours will be tough on your pup. You could see an increase in potty accidents around the house or other behavior problems, like ripping through the garbage or de-fluffing their dog bed. To help, we recommend setting a consistent routine for 3-6 weeks before you go back to work to help your dog adjust to your work schedule.

This means including time for walks, playtime, crate training and enrichment that fit into your anticipated work schedule. 


Crate Training

We recommend crating your dog while you're away or keeping them in a sectioned area of the house. This prevents accidents and keeps your pup safe while you’re at work. To help your dog be comfortable and happy we want to create a positive association with their crate.

This means starting small; begin by crating your dog for just 30 minutes once or twice a day. You can use Kongs, meal time or safe-chews to help them acclimate to more alone time in the crate. Slowly increase the amount of time your dog spends in their crate each day; so, when you’re ready to go back to work your dog is ready to settle in their kennel.

Check out our How-To Crate Training Video for help introducing or re-introducing your dog to the crate!


Meet Your Dogs Daily Needs

During quarantine your dog has gotten lots of loving, attention and activities with you. When you go back to work, your dog still needs your time and attention to fulfill their physical, mental and emotional needs.

In your daily schedule, incorporate time for physical activity and enrichment activities, like snuffle mats, scattering treats in the grass or joining a group class. You can check out our schedule for dog sport classes, like rally and agility, and puppy play groups for your dog to socialize with other dogs.  This time together will not only help your dog be satisfied and relax while you’re at work, you’ll also be able to maintain a strong relationship with your pup even if you’re away all day.

Be sure to browse our Amazon List for toys and puzzle games to engage your dog’s mind and body at home! These are the toys and games we use with our own dogs every day to keep them happy while we're off working with our clients' dogs. 


Get Help

Finding the time to be the best dog mom or dad you can be is challenging, especially as you’re returning to the office. Happy Dogs Training offers a range of training opportunities to help you and your pup have a successful transition back to work. Group training classes for dog agility and better manners are offered every weekend in multiple locations around Charlotte, and we have bi-monthly puppy play groups that are free to current clients.

If you’re looking for mid-week support, you can inquire here to get on the schedule for our new service, Happy Walks! Our dog walking service gives your pup a break from the crate and you get peace of mind while you’re at work that your dog is safe with our experienced trainers. We also in-home day training to help with crate training, help your pup transition to your new schedule and/or provide training for improved obedience and manners in the house. You can learn more about our services under our Training Page OR schedule a phone consultation today! Schedule Now