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Subscription plans

Happy Dogs subscription plans are designed to maintain training, add onto a training program, work towards long-term goals and provide enrichment to dogs and puppies who have already completed some training.

Happy Dogs 1

Boost session plans

Weekly boost sessions$225.00 / Month

4 thirty-minute training boost sessions per month ( 1 x per week)

* 4-month minimum commitment before canceling 
Weekly hour boost sessions $400.00 / Month

4 one-hour training boost sessions per month ( 1 x per week)

*4-month minimum commitment before canceling 

About Training Boost Sessions

Training boost sessions are tutoring for your dog, we focus this training on just your dog's skills, by taking the human learning out of the picture we are able to focus all of our attention on your dog's needs. Training with boost sessions will progress your dog faster and more efficiently. When your dog has more time to learn it makes homework easier for you.


Private lesson plans

Bi-weekly sessions$225.00 / Month

2 one hour private sessions per month

*4-month minimum commitment before canceling 
Monthly sessions$125.00 / Month

1 one-hour private session per month

*4-month minimum commitment before canceling 

About Private Sessions

Private sessions focus on teaching owners and their dogs together, these training sessions offer a wealth of information for owners with one on one coaching from your Happy Dogs trainers and skill building for your dog, you and your dog will learn to work together as a team. To help you succeed each lesson includes assigned homework with your training broken down and our trainers are always available to support you via email or phone throughout the training process.