One Lucky Pup Training

One Lucky Pup Training

With our training programs at One Lucky Pup Northlake, your dog's day is more than just play – it's a comprehensive training experience! Drop your pup off at the One Lucky Pup facility for daycare or a few weeks of boarding, and we take care of the rest. From basic manners to obedience, puppy training, and even addressing mild behavior issues, our training programs can cover it all.

Your dog is not just having a blast at daycare; they're also honing their skills for a well-rounded and happy life. Trust One Lucky Pup Northlake for daycare and boarding, and our team for expert training, all under one roof.

How It Works

Step 1 - Complete a consultation with our team
Schedule a consultation call with the Happy Dogs Team to cover your goals for training.

Step 2 - Register with One Lucky Pup
Sign up for one of our training packages and reserve your dates with OLP.

Step 3 - Training begins
Training for your dog at One Lucky Pup kicks off the following week, concentrating on your specific goals. Our trainers will provide regular updates on your dog's progress. 

Step 4 - Private lessons
Each program incorporates two private sessions with the owner, scheduled to keep you informed about the training journey and set you up for success when your dog comes home.

Individual Lessons:

Training Lessons

60 Minutes

Training lessons offer one-on-one coaching from our trainers for both you and your Dog. The sessions are designed to teach both owner and pup how to work together as a team. Each lesson includes assigned homework, lessons are completed in the facility at One Lucky Pup and owners must be present.

Price: $175.00

Tutoring Lessons

30 Minutes

Tutoring lessons are all about your dog's skills, we focus on their learning without the humans. These sessions are completed during daycare or boarding hours at One Lucky Pup and with all of our training programs dogs will do two 30-minute sessions per day 2 x per week for the duration of their training.

Price: $90.00

Behavior Lessons

30-60 Minutes

Lessons with a certified behaviorist in the facility at One Lucky Pup, these lessons are suited for dogs struggling with reactivity, aggression, anxiety/fearful behavior, crate reactivity or guarding, and more. A consultation will determine if your dog is a good fit.

Price: $125.00 - $260.00

Training Programs:

Just The Basics

Dogs 4 months and older

Our basic program is a starting point for your well-behaved dog. Our skilled trainers focus on essential cues like sit, down, stay, come, leash manners, and foundation skills. Suitable for all dogs, this program is a great place to start with your young dog or puppy, and for your old dog to revisit the basics or learn some forgotten manners.

Whats Included: 8 Tutoring Lessons and 2 Private Owner Lessons (Duration: 2 weeks/4 Daycare days)

Price: $1000.00

Good Manners

Dogs 4 months and older

Our Good Manners program focuses on refining your dog's behavior. Addressing obedience cues, and basics while tackling common issues such as jumping up, pulling on the lead, excessive barking, Ignoring cues, and more. Our skilled trainers provide practical solutions, using positive reinforcement to instill good manners in your dog.

Whats Included: 16 Tutoring Lessons and 2 Private Owner Lessons (Duration: 4 weeks/8 Daycare days)

Price: $1600.00

Advanced Training

Dogs 4 months and older

Starting your puppy off on the right paw is crucial for their development, and the complete starter program is designed to give your young pup a big head-start on becoming a well-behaved dog. Providing everything you and your puppy need during the early stages, covering all the essentials for successful puppy training and development. With this program, your puppy will learn important life skills, build confidence, and develop good manners from the begining.

Whats Included: 24 Tutoring Lessons and 2 Private Owner Lessons (Duration: 6 weeks/12 Daycare days)

Price: $2300.00

*Pricing Disclaimer*

Training Programs are a ADD-ON to daycare or boarding services with One Lucky Pup.

Pricing for training does NOT include the price of daycare or boarding with One Lucky Pup, for more info on OLP pricing visit their website -

Start Training Happy!