Group Classes

Group Classes

Our group classes offer an excellent training environment for a wide range of needs. Whether you want to socialize your puppy, learn essential manners, practice obedience, or address behavior challenges, we have a class that's perfect for your dog.

We offer class sessions throughout the year, which run in January/February, April/May, July/August, and September/October.


Our Locations

North Charlotte @ One Lucky Pup

This premier dog training space includes multiple fenced training yards with artificial turf and natural grass. Conveniently located right off I-77 just a few minutes from Northlake Mall. 

Mooresville, NC Training & Agility Field

This private dog training space includes multiple fully-fenced training yards, offering winter lights for evenings, and a full complement of high-quality Agility equipment. Located just off Brawley School Rd in Mooresville.

We offer training classes and lessons by appointment only.

Group Puppy Classes:

Puppy Social

  • Drop-in Class (60-min)

STAR Puppy

  • 6 x 60-min Classes

Puppy Socialization and Play

Puppies 10 weeks - 8 months

The focus of this class is on play, confidence building, and socialization. We provide training skills, puppy playtime, and cover all aspects of socialization by exposing puppies to new objects, sounds, and experiences. The class is open enrollment and meets every other week at our North Charlotte location.

AKC STAR Puppy Class

Puppies 10 weeks - 8 months

This group class will focus on basic manners, socialization, training with distractions, obedience foundations, and relationship building. Class goals: Sit, Down and Stay, Walk on a loose leash, Politely greet strangers, Come when called, and ignore distractions. This is a 6-week group class meeting weekly.

Adult Dog Classes:

Manners Lvl 1

  • 6 x 60-min Classes

Manners Lvl 2

  • 6 x 60-min Classes

CGC Class

  • 6 x 60-min Classes

Play Group

  • Drop-in Class (45-min)

Happy Manners Level 1

8 months and older

This class is an introduction to basic manners and obedience. The class will focus on: relationship building, Sit, Down and Stay, Settle on a bed, Politely greeting strangers, Come when called, Focusing with distractions, Leash walking basics, and more. This is a 6-week group class meeting weekly.

Happy Manners Level 2

8 months and older

This class focuses on progressing basic manners and obedience for adult dogs. The class curriculum will build off of manners 1 and is appropriate for dogs who already have a good foundation and need extra practice. This is a 6-week group class meeting weekly. 

AKC Canine Good Citizen Class

8 months and older

This class will focus on training for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, a 10 part test including sit politely for greeting/petting, walk on a loose leash (heel), sit, down and stay, come when called, walk past another dog, reaction to distractions and more. This is a 6-week class meeting weekly.

Adult Dog Play Group

8 months and older

This group is a safe supervised off-leash play group for adult dogs

Behavior Classes:

Reactive Class

  • 5 x 50-min Classes

Play Assessment

  • Drop-in Class (60-min)

Reactive to Relaxed

8 months and older

This class is designed specifically for dogs with leash reactivity to other dogs. Training will include modern methods focusing on emergency leash handling, relationship-building, creating alternative behaviors, and relaxation techniques. this curriculum utilizes exercises from the Control Unleashed program.

Dog Play Assessment

8 months and older

This lesson is for dogs with unknown play history, newly adopted dogs, dogs with negative play experiences, shy and anxious dogs. Dogs will be slowly introduced to other dogs in a safe controlled environment. **not all dogs doing a dog assessment will be ready to play during class**

How To Register:






Select the type of class you are looking for: Puppy, Training, Behavior

Available classes will appear - click on your desired class to view the dates and times of the class session.

Read the description and requirements for your desired class before proceeding with registration. If you aren't sure about a particular class for your dog, please contact us!

Complete all intake forms and documents. Happy Dogs will send you an immediate confirmation email once you successfully register.

Most classes will have a welcome email the week prior with additional information. Be sure you check your spam folders and read all emails sent to you from the Happy Training team!

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