Happy Campers Program

Our Happy Camper board and train program is an intensive learning camp that will advance your dogs training and behavior.

Your dog will spend time living in our trainers home, they will come home with brand new skills to apply in their real life. Our program trains u
sing a positive approach and evidence based training techniques. 


Whats covered in the training?

Obedience.. Sit, Down, Long stay, Place, Release cue, Loose leash Walking, Heel, attention word, Calmly walking past other dogs, Leave it, Come off leash, Drop it, Ignore distractions, Impulse control.

Problem solving for nuisance behaviors... Excessive Jumping, Excessive barking, Digging, Chewing, Counter-surfing, Running away, Getting into garbage or other, Getting onto unwanted surfaces and more.

Behavioral problem solving... Reactivity, Resource guarding, Seperation Anxiety, Fearfulness, General anxiety, Leash aggresion, Territorial behavior and more. *Some behavioral cases require a referral*

Our programs

Happy campers Program


  • Personalized. Custom training for your dog.

  • More Training. More training time and individual learning for your dog.
  • Faster learning. Learning goes faster when practiced daily and consistenly with a professional.

  • Less time comitment from you. You can spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog.

  • Follow up. One on one follow up lessons so you can learn how to apply the training at home.
  • Lifetime Support. Ask your trainer questions during and beyond your training.

2 week program

  • 2 week camp stay with our professional trainer.
  • 3 follow up lessons, one on one with your trainer at your home.

4 week program

  • 4 week camp stay with our professional trainer.
  • 3 follow up lessons, one on one with your trainer at your home.

We have payment plans!

Happy Dogs offers payment plans on all of our training packages.

We are happy to accomedate your financial needs further to make training for you and your dog possible. 

Contact us for more information.

Payment plan 1

Two payments - Half and half
  • 50% up front / 50% at completion

Payment plan 2

Three payments - Thirds
  • 1/3 up front / 1/3 mid-way / 1/3 at completion

Ready to get started?

Our camper program requires a consultation. Start with a FREE phone consultation!

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