Happy Puppy Program

Our Happy Puppy training program will guide you and your puppy to a happy home during the most crucial training time.. puppyhood.

Learn how to raise the perfect puppy using a positive, force free approach that will strengthen your bond and keep your puppy happy, healthy and confident while establishing good habits to become a well rounded adult-dog.

This program is best suited for puppies 8 weeks - 6 months

Whats covered in puppy training?

Puppy basics.. Sit, Down, Puppy Stay, Leash walking, Socialization, Learn to Come, Potty training, Crate training, House manners, Relationship building, How to play, Impulse control

Problem solving for nuisance behaviors.. Barking in crate, Nipping, Bitting during play, Jumping up, Barking, Chewing, Counter-surfing, Running away, Potty-ing in house or crate, Bitting leash or collar and more.

Our program

Stage 1 - In home puppy training


  • Personalized. Custom training for your goals, home, and lifestyle.

  • Individual Training. One-on-one instruction for you and your puppy.
  • Easy learning. Learning is easier at home without distractions.

  • Convenient. We bring the training right to you.

  • Lifetime Support. Ask your trainer questions during and beyond your training.

Where do we offer in home training?

Northeast Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Lake Norman area including zipcodes in Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, Mooresville

and the Concord area including zipcodes in Concord, Charlotte, Harrisburg, Kannapolis.


Puppy package

  • 6 In home training sessions with a professional trainer
  • Your trainer will work with you and your dog to achieve your puppy training goals. Perfect for humans who are ready learn how to tackle puppyhood!

Puppy plus

  • 6 In home training sessions with a professional trainer
  • 6 Day sessions with a professional trainer
  • Your trainer will train your puppy one-on-one in their day-sessions and then show you how to take over. Perfect for humans with busy lifestyles who need more training for their pup!

Stage 2 - Group puppy socialization

  • Socialization. New sights, sounds, dogs and humans.

  • Distraction proofing. Your puppy can test their skills around distractions.
  • Fun. Group class is always a blast for you and your pup.

  • Support. Ask your trainer any questions during and throughout classes.

Where are group classes?

We offer group classes in Concord and Mooresville NC.

Happy Puppy Class

  • 6 group training sessions
  • Group class is perfect for puppies who have learned their basics and are ready for some socialization and distraction proofing.

The whole package


  • Well Rounded. Raise a perfectly well rounded puppy with the benifits of in home and group training.

  • Get more. Get the most for your money.
  • Lifetime Support. Ask your trainer questions during and beyond your training.

Happy Puppy Program

  • 6 In home training sessions with a professional trainer
  • 6 Day sessions with a professional trainer
  • 6 group class sessions with a professional trainer

We have payment plans!

Happy Dogs offers payment plans on all of our training packages.

We are happy to accomedate your financial needs further to make training for you and your dog possible. Payment plans require a card on file to sign up.

Contact us for more information.

Payment plan 1

Two payments - Half and half
  • 50% up front / 50% at mid way point.

Payment plan 2

Three payments - Thirds
  • 1/3 up front / 1/3 mid-way / 1/3 at completion

Whats the process?

Step 1 - Phone Consultation

Our training program begins with a phone consultation for every human. We want to hear about you and your puppy so we can evaluate the best plan fit your individual training goals and lifestyle! 

Step 2 - We get to the training

Our trainers will come to you for your first lesson. We begin with our in person consultation and training plan discussion and then we start training.

Step 3 - Consistency

Once we begin on our training plan consistency is key, your trainer will meet with you and your puppy weekly or twice a week depending on your training plan and help you continue moving forward to your goals.

Step 4 - Happy Puppy & Happy owner

Time to grow up! We encourage you to let your puppy mature before you and your puppy are ready to move on to the next steps for adult training.

Ready to get started?

Start with a FREE phone consultation!

Looking for something more?

Inquire about our Happy Campers program, a training camp for your dog!

Interested in Agility training?

Check out our Agility classes in Concord and Mooresville!

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